February 9, 2015

Five ways to celebrate yourself this Valentine’s Day

By Natalie Murphy–

Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday in 2015, it’s the perfect opportunity to celebrate, even if you’re single. The following list provides copious opportunities for fun, mischief and flat-out carefree adventures you can enjoy on your solo Valentine’s Day.

There’s no limit on interpretations of how you want to manipulate these suggestions. The point is to get creative and let your independent persona soar on perhaps the most cliché day of the year.

1. Poppin’ Bottles (21+, of course): Whether it’s classy bubbly or shots of Fireball, alcohol-related celebrations can be exciting. A multitude of settings, including a bar, club or your own home, are possible for this endeavor. If public outings are more your scene, especially on this particular holiday, they can also double as places to make single friends who share your intentions.

2. Scavenger Hunt: A group of friends, a quirky list of possibly embarrassing, but memorable tasks, and a car will get you a long way. You could even make it your goal to mess with smitten couples while on their dates and document the ventures via Instagram or Snapchat story. For example, while a couple is kissing, you could yell “Selfie!” and take a picture with your face next to their kiss. Harmless disruptions may cause dirty looks, but just make sure to implement them in the nicest way possible.

3. Nonstop Netflix: Marathons of shows or rounds of your favorite movies, either alone or with friends makes for a night centered on you and your celebrity loves. Especially if you’re celebrating alone, you never have to fight with friends or a significant other on what movie to watch or what show to put on replay. It’s all about you, honey.

4. Rock on: This alternative singles option can either incorporate an actual concert at the KFC Yum! Center, Headliners, etc. or creating your own concert experience at home. Plug in your iPhone and jam out. Getting friends involved makes the night even more intense. Everyone can get dressed up, use fake microphones and even film the musical event.

5. Balanced Body: Spending the day at a spa presents relaxing possibilities including manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, hair styling or tanning. Pumping your guns at the gym also evokes good body vibes. Celebrate yourself by working on your image and spending some me time. When you look good, you feel good and acquire greater confidence. As a reward for that strenuous workout, buy yourself a classic Feb. 14 gift: flowers. Use that flower power to decorate your room, make them a centerpiece or give them away to strangers. It’ll brighten their day, especially on this infamously lonely holiday.


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