January 17, 2015

‘Uptown Special’ funks up the music scene

Hipsters, jocks, nerds, Hellenists and musicians rejoice! Finally, there seems to be one thing that transcends the invisible lines that separate you: “Uptown Special.”
An album as retro-loving as Mark Ronson’s has not been out for a while, and it is definitely a must-listen for lovers of all genres. It has the beat for a party, the great lyrics for intellectuals, the homage to artists pasts for those vintage lovers and a complexity that will allure even the most countercultural.
Taking us back to the 1970’s, “Uptown Special” is the fourth album by Mark Ronson. This album includes current billboard-topper “Uptown Funk.” The song has a certain pizzazz to it, with the vocals of Bruno Mars gracing the mic, but the rest of it is nearly unoriginal. Very catchy and enjoyable, but almost copycat of an old 1970’s dance song “Jungle Fever.”
However, the rest of the album is flourished by a great funk and brilliance of Ronson’s mind. The songs “I Can’t Lose” and “In Case of Fire” could easily have been classics in decades past, but he brings it into the 21st century with a modern-sounding beat. Another great feature of this album is the splash of horns that regularly sound the background, making the song a bit more powerful and interesting.
This album available on iTunes and Spotify.

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