While eating in the Ville Grill,  two resident student life representatives interrupted my meal, slamming me with plush pillows. The fight was tumultuous and intense. After several long minutes, we decided to call it a draw.
The pillow fight caused a spectacle, which fit its intention: bringing attention to the upcoming event, Destroy and Enjoy Finals. The childish and innocent game reminded me how a little fun can relax us students during this stressful finals week

“We will have a lot more pillows as well as many other attractions,” said Bettie Johnson hall director Ronnie Rentz. “If you feel like you are doing great on finals or just want to chill out, you can go to our ‘enjoy finals’ side, which has chalk art, music, hot cocoa/cider and holiday cards. If you are stressed or angry about finals week, come to the ‘destroy finals’ side and play dodgeball, break stuff, have pillow fights or throw things at UK cardboard cut-outs.”
The free event is in the SAC Multipurpose room today and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. It will be a way to take a fun study break and take your mind off of the light-night study sessions, sleep deprivation and that final you aren’t so sure you’ll ace.