In the first men’s basketball ticketing claim period, which began on Oct. 23, approximately 600 undergraduates claimed tickets, said SGA Executive Vice President Ross Hofele. This is about 40 percent of the total 1,503 undergraduate season ticket sales.

“Transitioning to basketball you have 2,300 season tickets for students. 841 are graduate school, and 1,503 are undergraduate, and this was before all the appeals,” said Hofele.

According to the U of L Athletics website, the November claim period included six games – Barry, Bellarmine, Jacksonville State, Marshall, Savannah State and Cleveland State.

A student’s attendance at claimed games will determine if he or she will be eligible to claim the next round of tickets. For the 2014-2015 season, there will be a total of six claim periods.

“If they email ticketing 72 hours in advance after they have claimed a ticket, they will not be penalized,” said Hofele.

When asked if students would be able to claim a ticket popular games, like the UK or Ohio State game, Hofele referred to the football season.

“The only game that was fully claimed was Florida State. They did oversell, however, the season tickets by 200.”

Those 200 students were without tickets, either because of a penalty for not attending a claimed game or because they were too slow to claim their tickets.

“I have not had any complaints,” said Hofele of Florida State football game.

According to Hofele, U of L Athletics wants to see fans in seats. The claiming process makes it easier to predict how full the seating sections will be.

“I see both sides – where the students, they want the old ticketing process,” said Hofele.

Hofele spoke about the basketball ticketing process to the SGA Executive Board on Tuesday evening, where he reminded the council presidents of the 72 hour rule. There was a concern among council presidents, particularly the College of Business, about students who were currently abroad this fall. Although they will back in the country for spring semester games, the study abroad students had difficultly purchasing season tickets in the fall.