September 29, 2014

Food theft not a problem at U of L

Sodexo employees say that food theft is rare on campus.

“If you were to steal, you would be seen,” said Charlie Clabaugh, marketing and sustainability coordinator for U of L dining by Sodexo.

Clabaugh could not provide any records to indicate that theft was an issue on campus.

“We do things to deter it, of course. We make sure that our products are within eyesight. We have staff out during the busiest times in the lines to direct traffic.”

Sharon Willock works the register at the Quick Zone mart on the first floor of the SAC. Last year she stopped a female student attempting to steal food in her backpack. Since there is only one entrance and exit in the mart, Willock had no problem catching the student.

“Most of the time we can see everybody enter in and out,” said Willock.

In dining locations like the Ville Grill, employees say that food theft is rare. They do not consider removing small food items from the Ville Grill to be theft.

“The kids are allowed to take out an ice cream cone, and the kids are allowed to take up to two fruits,” said Lorraine Brown, who works the register at the Ville Grill.

“It is part of our program to take a snack with you,” said Clabaugh. “That is normal practice.”

Brown has never seen a student take an entire meal from the Ville Grill.

“It would be pretty obvious to see them walking out the door with all of that,” said Brown.

Clabaugh spoke with the department of business affairs to find out why food theft is not a problem at U of L. She attributes it to the meal plan program.

“Because all students already have a meal plan, the need to steal food is not prevalent.”

Photos by Sasha Perez / The Louisville Cardinal

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