By: Regina Deveary

Valentine’s Day is here and new romances will begin to blossom as gifts are exchanged and love is confessed. Unfortunately romance can lead the way for other, more harmful things to blossom as well, sexually transmitted diseases. STD’s can have a damaging effect on your body, as I am sure we all remember learning from our awkward sixth grade health class. It may seem fun to connect with new people and try new things, but these ‘adventures’ should be within reason. Before you decide to bring your date home with you, take some time to consider the repercussions of your actions. Lies and keeping others from the truth is one way STD’s are spread. You may ask for your partner’s sexual history, but most people will not be honest with you, so it is highly important to protect yourself. Simple contraceptives such as condoms are the most common form of protection, but their protection is limited. According to the Center for Disease Control, ages 15-24 make up to 50 percent of new STD’s in America, unfortunately a majority of college students fit within this percentage. If you would like to receive more information on STD’s, types of protection, or even advice, a sufficient resource is Campus Health Promotions. This building is located on Belknap campus in between the SAC and the Houchens Building. Health Promotion offers coaching and workshops to inform you of sexual wellness. They also offer free STD testing to anyone interested. To guarantee protection for yourself and your partner you need to make sure you have been properly educated. For more information on sexual wellness and other services Health Promotion’s offers, visit