January 21, 2014

Students seek part-time jobs at U of L fair

By Warren Combs–
Lunchtime at the Swain Student Activity Center was busier than usual last Tuesday as a Part-time Job Fair brought recruiters from 30 different employers hoping to catch the attention of students seeking part-time work.
Josh Staten, Job Location and Development Coordinator for the University of Louisville Career Development Center, said that he considers the efforts of such fairs a success.
“Last time we had about 450 students show up, and we’re hoping to get that number again here,” Staten said. “Aside from the obvious of helping students find jobs, it also allows students an opportunity to gain experience and know what to look for in a career fair setting. Students get the chance to speak to employers, and employers get a chance to better know our campus.”
Employers ranged from local businesses to recognizable names of Corporate America, and some have been coming to these events at the University of Louisville for years. Tina Cheshire, a representative from UPS, said, “We’ve participated in every one they’ve had. The University of Louisville is a huge pull for us.”
For other employers, this was their first time in attendance. “We really kind of expected people to pass us by because we’re a gymnastics facility, but there have been a decent amount of people who have been curious about it and wandered over,” said Kate Harpring, a Master of Business student and representative from Louisville Gymnastics. She added that Louisville Gymnastics planned to participate in future events based on the day’s turnout.
Many students were making their way around the room to various tables, and some were eager to take advantage of the opportunities before them.
Emily Ware, junior English major said, “I’m really liking some of the jobs offered here. They really cater to each major. The Courier-Journal would be a great opportunity for me as an English major.” When asked if she saw herself working for one of these employers in the near future, Ware said, “I hope so, maybe something I pursue today will turn into a better, full time position in the future.”
The Part-time Job Fair is held every semester and is hosted by the University of Louisville Career Development Center.

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