By: Nicholas Amon 

When most individuals are in the sixth grade, the last type of music they’re listening to is something composed out of the Baroque Era.  For Teil Buck, this simply wasn’t the case.  Inspired by the elegant musical creations of Baroque and others of his time period, Teil Buck was a regular teenager with an abnormal taste in music for her age. Although she began by playing the clarinet in middle school, Buck eventually chose to begin playing the oboe when getting accepted to attend YPAS right down the street from DuPont Manual High School.

Buck is still the same individual with the same everlasting determination to be truly great at what she does today.   A music major here at the University of Louisville, Buck has endured multiple experiences that have sculpted her talent.  From performing in events taking place in New York, Texas, and even Switzerland, she has never stopped progressing as a musician and continues to grow to this day.   Currently a member of various chamber ensembles and church services, as well as performing in the University of Louisville Symphony Orchestra, Second Street Orchestra, and the Orchestra Enigmatic group, Buck has a tremendous amount of experience beneath her belt which she allows to humble her.   Not only does Buck acknowledge her past performances as accomplishments, but she also knows she’ll always continue to grow as a musician and her road to success has just begun.

Nowadays, Buck is looking forward to graduation and what awaits her after she leaves the classrooms here at the university.  Aspiring to be apart of an orchestra or even a music teacher in the future, she often finds herself itching to see what challenge lies around the corner once she’s completed grad school.  Recently Buck has started her own radio show through Crescent Hill Radio called “Bach, Beethoven, and the Rebels” where she discusses her passion for classical music and promotes local classical musicians like herself. When asked in what areas she felt she still needed to grow as a musician Buck quietly responded, “Whether it’s my breathing process or my overall posture and stance, I’ll always continue learning new techniques to enhance my performance with the oboe.”

Buck overall sees her ability to play music as a talent she has gradually grown with as an individual over the years. “If you truly love something, enjoy it to its full extent and be diligent.”  Buck ultimately knows that to be great at something, it takes time.  It takes patience and determination when dealing with the ups and downs of pursuing talent.