Kappa Alpha Psi holds ‘Kappa Week’ to connect with students and community

By Anna Meany–

Members of Kappa Alpha Psi participate in their annual Yard Show on Thursday.

Deron Linton is a senior communication major and a prominent member of Kappa Alpha Psi on U of L’s campus. Linton sat down with the Cardinal to discuss Kappa Week, which promotes success in young men and connections to other Greeks on campus.

Q: How many members are in Kappa Alpha Psi?
A: Well, right now, we currently have 11 active members in the chapter, 8 of which are at UofL and 3 who are at various institutions around the city.

Q: When was it founded, by who, why?
A: Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity as a whole was founded on January 5th, 1911 on the campus of Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana by 10 founders not only as a social organization to help black males achieve in every field of human endeavor, but to serve the community as well. But our chapter here at UofL was founded June 15, 1933 at the louisville municipal college for negros and came to UofL in 1955 where we have remained and will remain.

Q: Describe some of the events taking place during Kappa week. When and why did the fraternity begin these events?
A: The Events that take place during Kappa week vary. We have social events such as the Yard Show that give not only us, but other organizations as well a chance to showcase their group and it gives the campus community a chance to socialize with one another and greeks. We have informative events such as dressing for success, that teach young men how to prepare a proper attire to succeed in the corporate world. We even have the typical party that people look forward to that gives us a chance to relax, release tension and have a good time. We do these events because we like to impact the campus from various angles and give everyone a chance to come out and learn or have a good time.

Q: What is your favorite event of Kappa week?
A: My favorite event is the yard show because its right around the turn of season when the weather starts to warm up. There is music, free food, a mini step show and people just having a good time. Its nice to be able to showcase not only what Kappa can do, but to let everyone else have a chance to showcase what their org can do as well.

Q: Tell us a little bit about Kappa Alpha Psi. What kinda of philanthropy do you do?
A: At Kappa our main philanthropic events are Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Donating to the St.Jude Children’s Hospital, Volunteering at the Wayside Christian Mission and Mentoring local high school students in our National Guide Right program that helps young men prepare for college both academically and mentally, it also offers a scholarship.

Q: What are some other events that Kappa puts on?
A: Other events that we do are things such as the Game night which takes place in the fall semester. We also have a separate week called lovers week that takes place the week of valentines day every February. This week offers several different events from that of Kappa Week such as a stroll off, we pass out roses to women on campus and we have a chivalry event that teaches men and women how to act towards one another.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add? Maybe …why you think people will benefit from coming to these events?
A: You can benefit from these events because the offer a different perspective from a side of campus you may have never experienced and always wondered about. They are also a great way to socialize, network, learn and just have a plain old good time.

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Photo by Jessica Knebel/The Louisville Cardinal

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