April 16, 2013

Cardinal Review: Paramore bounces back with 4th album

By Tyler Mercer–

The cover for Paramore’s newest album, “Now” which is currently available in stores and online. This is the latest installment from the band after a four-year hiatus.

After a long, four-year wait, Paramore fans everywhere were able to get their hands on the alternative rock sound that they’ve become so attached to. The self-titled album that was released only a week ago, has the same Paramore persona that has been around since their first album, “All We Know is Falling,” was released in 2005.

Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York are still strong and proud members of our favorite band; although, a lot has happened to this Franklin, Tenn. group since it was formed in 2004. Most importantly was the departure of Josh and Zac Farro in 2010.

Fortunately for fans, “Paramore” keeps a light of hope alive for the fans who weren’t ready to see the band fall apart in 2010 and definitely aren’t ready for anything to happen now. To reassure listeners, lyrics in the third track of the album, “Grow Up,” say: “Got my band and a light that won’t burn out.” Jab at the Farro brothers? Maybe, but the line speaks for much more than their disloyalty.

When Paramore’s second album, “Riot!,” was released in 2007 it contained a song titled “Let The Flames Begin.” This song contained lyrics that said, “What a shame we all became such fragile, broken things”, “this is how we’ll dance when they try to take us down” and “reaching as I sink down into light.” “Part II,” the seventh track on the album, responds to the older song with lines that say: “What a shame we all remain such fragile, broken things”, “dancing all alone to the sound of an enemy’s song” and “still there are darkened places deep in my heart. Where once was a blazing light, now there’s a tiny spark.”

“Part II” isn’t the only track on Paramore’s new album that reminds listeners of previous tracks released by the band, though. While music fans can follow the stories of their favorite artists through their songs, personal social media pages and pop culture media sources, few other artist let their fans live with them through the music. Paramore has expertly weaved the band’s story into their new album as they have done with the previous three.

Williams has always been an inspiration of individuality and personality to fans and while she remains such in her day-to-day, It is easy to see this attitude in the lyrics she sings on this album and those before it as well.

“Anklebiters,” one of the best tracks on the album, has lyrics that read: “Why you wanna play someone and leave yourself to drop dead? Some day you’re going to be the only one you’ve got.” Fans can find this inspiration throughout the album, along with lyrics about love, growing up and moving on.

Paramore remains nearly the same in the style of their lyrics, but has learned a few new tricks when it comes to the music. Nevertheless, the band has staying-power and an amazing way of turning their own story in music that listeners can relate to and love without doubt. A star rating would surely get their new album 4 out of 5 stars. “Paramore” is definitely not an album to pass by.

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