February 6, 2013

In the news: what you missed while you were in class

Burger King dumps tainted supplier

Following rumors about horse meat mixed in with Burger King’s beef, the chain launched an investigation of its supplier, Europe-based Silvercrest Foods. Thursday Burger King announced they were dropping the supplier after finding traces of horse meat in the beef patties of a Silvercrest facility. The chain says that the beef was never sold in stores, and that all Silvercrest beef products will be replaced with beef from other suppliers.


Suicide bomber attacks American embassy in Turkey

In Turkey’s capital city of Ankara, a suicide bomber approached the visitor’s gate of the American embassy and detonated explosives in his vest. The Friday afternoon blast killed a Turkish security guard and the bomber, while also blowing a hole in the wall of the embassy. Turkish authorities blamed the attack on a local militant group of leftists, but as of publication, U.S. authorities are still investigating the organization behind the attack.


Salmonella strain linked to hedgehogs

Salmonella is bacteria mainly found in raw eggs and undercooked beef, but in the past year there have been 20 cases of infection with a rare form of the bacteria. Most of these cases were children, but one elderly man died from the strain in January. This strain has been linked to hedgehogs. The growing strain of bacteria infects hedgehogs without any symptoms and this leads to pet owners becoming infected. Other household pets that can carry salmonella are frogs, toads, turtles, snakes, lizards, chicks and ducklings.


Hillary Clinton steps down as secretary of state

After four years in the position, Hillary Clinton gave a farewell speech to the state department staff on Friday, leaving her post as U.S. secretary of state. Her successor, Senator John Kerry, was sworn in during a private ceremony later in the day, and is due to take his first official overseas trip in upcoming weeks, a trip that may include visits to Israel and Egypt. During her time as secretary of state, Clinton visited 112 different countries.



Punxsutawney Phil Sowerby sees no shadowan early spring

An early spring is in store for the U.S.; the  famous groundhog who put Groundhog Day on the calendar—and in the 1993 box office—emerged from his residence early Feb. 2 without seeing his shadow. This is by far the most uncommon result, having only happened 16 of the last 115 recorded outcomes.

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Photos: courtesy of english.alarabiya.net ,  abcnews.go.com 

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