By Noor Yussuf–

A new a Native American, recognized student organization has now been formed on campus.

The organization is the first of its kind to be created at the University of Louisville, though there are many Native American decent students on campus.

Leonard (Marty) Soaring Eagle Martin, a junior paralegal studies major, is a returning student after 46 years. He has been active in the Native American community for the past 12 years and is the founder of the organization.

“Upon starting back to U of L, I noticed that almost every segment of the student population had a student organization, except for Native American. I then approached Dr. Michael Anthony, the Director of the Cultural Center, concerning this, and he was all for starting one,” said Martin.

The organization’s goal is to “help those of native blood make connection with their heritage, give native students, faculty, etc. a place and opportunity for fellowship, to give all those, native and non-native opportunities to learn about native culture and tradition and eventually host Native American events/activities,” Martin said.

Though the organization’s main mission is for the Native American community, others are also invited to join.

“While it will be called the Native American student organization, we have opened it up to all students, faculty and interested community members, whether they be Native or non-Native,” said Martin.

Dr. Selene Phillips, is the faculty advisor of the organization, “we are honored to have Dr. Selene is our advisor,” said Martin.

An interest meeting for the RSO will be held on Wednesday, Oct. 24, at the Cultural Center Multipurpose Room, 5pm.

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