By Tyler Mercer–

After being put into effect on August 12, 2012, several TARC routes have been changed, while a few have been eliminated entirely. These alterations were made to save money after hearing at public meetings during the months of April, May and June.

Shopping and Entertainment

I. #1 Fourth Street Trolley
Will now completely avoid Fourth Street Live; however, the TARC will stop a mere block away from Fourth Street Live, leaving it only walking distance away.

II. #29 Eastern Parkway east of Bardstown Road
This was initially being considered eliminated, but instead the route now has fewer stops east of Bardstown Rd. and will have minor time changes along other parts of the route. This means that students who use the TARC to get to their jobs in the St. Matthews area will have fewer stopping opportunities east of Bardstown Rd. Students will still have fairly easy access to all the entertainment on Bardstown Road. Remember to allow yourself some extra time to get to work while adjusting to this new schedule.


III. #93 UPS Shuttle to U of L
IV. #99 UPS Shuttle to West Louisville
These will be rerouted to Crittenden Drive through Woodland Ave., Allmond Ave. or Strawberry Lane. Keep in mind that while the routes are being altered, the stop times for routes #93 and #99 will not change. Also, the TARC to East Point business center will be stopping fewer times and at altered times as well. Remember, once again, to allow a little extra time if you work around Middletown.


V. #71 New Albany – Jeffersonville.
This route remains fairly unchanged aside from improved weekday service.

VI. #50x Dixie Express
Will begin to experience half as many stops as before. Anyone who works in or lives in Valley Station should notice that this bus route will now make only two trips to Valley Station Shopping Center and two trips to Park Place Mall.

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Illustration by Michelle Eigenheer/The Louisville Cardinal