October 12, 2011

Get your hands on some Bunz

By Genevieve Mills–

Bunz is a small burger place on bustling Bardstown Road, a great location that’s close to campus. I do mean small, so don’t bring more than a few friends with you as there are only four tables inside, with a couple outside in a small patio area. But what Bunz lacks in size it makes up for in quality.

At Bunz, you can customize your burger, picking from a variety of toppings. There are quite a few interesting options. I ordered a California Bunz, a hamburger with avocado, and didn’t have to wait long at all for it. The price was great, around $8 for the burger, fries and a fountain drink with free refills of coke.

As for the actual burger, it was delicious. It was a bit too well done for my taste, but despite that, it was very good and it had a unique taste. The fries were tasty as well, and it was a copious amount of food, and great quality for the price. The friend who dined with me got a simple cheeseburger and enjoyed her food as well. We didn’t have room for desserts, but they did have milkshakes, a treat that always goes well with a burger. If you like spicy food, the new hot fries are delicious.

The service was fantastic, with a friendly chef behind the grill who suggested not only the best options on the menu, but he also recommended other good places to eat nearby. He was helpful and made a great burger.

If you’d prefer to not eat in this cozy restaurant, you can get your food to go, but the atmosphere is great, with good music playing and posters and local flyers papering the walls. I very much enjoyed my visit, and look forward to the next time I go. I already know what I’m going to get: the Hawaiian Bunz, a hamburger complete with teriyaki and pineapple.

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Photos: Nathan Gardener/The Louisville Cardinal

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