By Lara Kinne–

Why let the joy you once felt as a child slip away? Revamp your sense of nostalgia with these destinations in and outside of Louisville.

In Louisville:

Lazer Blaze | St. Matthews
Step into a virtually realistic world where your survival relies on protecting the blinking lights strapped to your torso. It’s unlikely you’ll dodge every beam that comes your way, but it’s an exhilarating break from the mundane pace of the real world outside. Consider coming in on a weekday if you don’t like waiting. If full-fledged chaos is your thing, weekend games are always jumping.

Louisville Science Center | Downtown
It isn’t tasking to believe that learning and fun can go hand-in-hand. Every month, the Science Center changes up exhibits as part of the Great Big Science To-Do project. This month kicks off their Colorama exhibit which features tons of interactive activities reflecting on the role that color plays in our lives. Try your hand at mixing colors with their science tools and enlighten yourself in the ways color effects our choice in clothing, the food we eat and how animals survive in a spectrum world.

Louisville Zoo | Audubon

October is always an interesting month for the animals contained at the Louisville Zoo. The once familiar faces of curious children turn into masked creatures parading about their home and viciously hunt for fun-sized treats. If you can withstand the clamour of sugar-hyped children and animals combined, the Zoo’s annual “World’s Largest Halloween Party” is a great opportunity to initiate your Halloween craze early. How about making that not-too-scary policy a little more frightening?


Outside Louisville:

Dinosaur World | Cave City, KY
If you’re feeling bored with 21st century scenery, you’ll be comforted to know that Cave City boasts a prehistoric attraction known as Dinosaur World. Whether you want to pretend you’re a paleontologist digging through sand or mingle with mammoths, there’s more to do than stare at the 150 giant creatures fixated throughout this scenic park.

“MonstroCity” at St. Louis City Museum | St. Louis, MO
Playgrounds are the essence of childhood, but your childhood is definitely missing an experience spending a day at MonstroCity, an industrial playground of recycled urban artifacts housed at the St. Louis City Museum. Although four hours seems like a hefty trip for a trip to the park, consider all of the great venues around the city and mark MonstroCity on your list of daytime activities instead.

Pumpkin Orchards | Kentucky
Remember how exciting it was to pick your own pumpkin off the vine and get dragged around on a tractor trailer? Those things probably aren’t as exciting anymore, but they can be with your own added twist. There are plenty of orchards established throughout Boone and Christian Counties that offer the standard components of orchard fun like corn mazes, petting zoos, pumpkin patches and opportunities for a crazy bonfire party. Breathe life back into the country air.

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