September 6, 2011

PHOTOS: WorldFest 2011

If you’ve lived in Louisville for very long, chances are you’ve heard of Worldfest, a multicultural extravaganza held downtown on the Belvedere every Labor Day weekend. People from a wide array of cultural backgrounds come together to celebrate Louisville’s diverse cultural heritage and scarf down exorbitant amounts of delicious ethnic cuisine. This year’s festivities went off without a hitch, despite the high temperatures on Friday and Saturday. Craft booths lining the street sold gifts and exotic treasures, and the aromas of various eateries comingled in the air, luring festivalgoers. Depending on the day, attendees could see Bhutanese dancers, French cabaret, or a Caribbean steel band. In addition to all this, hundreds of new citizens took their oath of US citizenship in a giant ceremony. As usual, the festival was a big hit and will hopefully remain a Louisville favorite for years to come.

Photos: Lara Kinne/TheLouisvilleCardinal

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