From “Take it from a freshman,” a blog by Tommy McGovern.

The nightmare was finally over: the first day of freshman year. After many hours of panicking the night before, the stressful day seemed to come to a close in a matter of hours.

The classes were nothing like high school, they were down-to-business and never seemed to beat around the bush with their intentions or assignments. I could honestly say I felt relieved once my teachers gave me a dose of reality with their work and studying expectations.

After all my classes, I much needed visit to The Ville Grill was in order, and an exceptionally long nap was mandatory. All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better first day in college!




Tommy McGovern is a freshman at the University of Louisville. He will be writing updates for his blog “Take it from a freshman” periodically as he goes through his first year on campus.