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Cards bring the heat in every season

By Chelsea Allen–

“America’s best college sports town” isn’t just a saying around Louisville anymore, but a true title, as little could be more defining of the University of Louisville’s past season in sports.

Here is a look back at an exciting season of Louisville Sports: A Winning Year in Review.


Last season’s young UofL football team, picked to finish last in the Big East preseason, locked a three-way tie for the Big East title. This was the third season under Head Coach Charlie Strong. Strong has now led Louisville to two bowl games, where the North Carolina State Wolfpack defeated the Cards in December 2011. The Cards are picked to finish first in the Big East this upcoming season, with second year quarterback Teddy Bridgewater ranked number one among the Big East by Athlon Sports.

Men’s Basketball:

The UofL men’s basketball team finished with a 10-8 record in the Big East. In the post-season, however, the No. 4 seeded Cards rallied an eight-game winning streak as Big East Champions to New Orleans for the Final Four. The Cards lost 69-61 to No. 1 overall seed and 2012 National Champions Kentucky. The Cards are now ranked as high as No. 1 in 2013 preseason polls, gaining respect to go even further next season.

Women’s Basketball:

The women’s team made it to the second round of the NCAA tournament, where sophomore star Shoni Shimmel scored 22 in a close loss to No. 5 Maryland. The team finished the season 23-10 overall, losing just one senior, Becky Burke.
Softball: Nationally ranked No. 9 Louisville Softball is currently 44-2 for the season. Pitcher Tori Collins was Named Louisville Slugger/NFCA Division I National Player of the Week on April 17th, throwing two-straight no hitters against Longwood. The Cards have two conference series and a game at Tennessee before the Big East Championship in South Bend.

Swimming and Diving:

Another national title was added to U of L’s accolades with Carlos Almeida’s national championship as winner of the 200-breast in the NCAA Championships this year. Overall, the team finished ninth in the championships, which is the highest school history.

Men’s Soccer:

The previously No. 1 ranked Louisville Men’s Soccer team fell in double overtime to UCLA in the quarterfinals of the NCAA tournament as a 12-seed in December. This was Head Coach Ken Lolla’s fifth season, as he saw off four seniors to the 2012 MLS Super Draft: Nick DeLeon to DC United, Austin Berry to the Chicago Fire, Colin Rolfe to the Houston Dynamo and Kenney Walker to the LA Galaxy. The draft was the first time in U of L history that four players were selected, and Louisville was the only school with three players drafted in the first round or with four draft picks.

Women’s Soccer:

It was quite a season for U of L Women’s Soccer as well, with a school record 14 wins and the best NCAA Championship run in school history. The ladies fell in the Big East Championship game and then to No. 9 FSU in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

Men’s Tennis:

No. 2 seeded Louisville Men’s Tennis finished off their third straight Big East Tournament Championship with a win over host South Florida on April 22. The Cards were ranked No. 38 when they fell to No. 39 Notre Dame in the final regular season game.
Women’s Tennis: The No. 6 seeded University of Louisville women’s tennis took an unexpected run in the Big East Tournament, falling to No. 2 seed host South Florida before the Championship match.


No. 20 Louisville baseball recently swept No. 1 Kentucky, beating the Cats 12-0 in Lexington, and 10-2 at home. Currently leading the Big East, the Cards hope to take the Big East title and make another run down the road to Omaha. This is head coach Dan McDonell’s sixth season with the Cards after he led Louisville to the 2007 College World Series in his rookie season as coach.


Louisville Volleyball advanced to the NCAA tournament, but fell to Purdue in the second round. The Cardinals ended their season at 24-9.
Dance: The Louisville Ladybirds Black Squad also won their fourth consecutive and 11th national championship in the NDA competition, with the Red Squad claiming third.

Men’s Cross Country:

Louisville Cross Country finished the season ranked as No. 26, placing third at the Big East Championships and seventh in NCAA southeast regional.

Track and Field:

At a recent meet held in Cardinal Park, Louisville track and field teams claimed 19 event titles while breaking two school records.

Men’s Golf:

Louisville Men’s Golf won their first tournament since 2008 at the Earl Yestingsmeier Invitational this season.

Women’s Golf:

The women’s golf team finished third at the Big East Championship.

Field Hockey:

The Cards Big East tournament run was cut short by No. 4 Connecticut in the semifinals.

Photo: Eric Voet/The Louisville Cardinal


Stuff to do when the sky is blue

By Ben Nance–

Waterfront Wednesdays

If you enjoy music festivals but don’t like paying for them, then check out this event which takes place every Wednesday evening in Waterfront Park. It’s located on the edge of downtown, surrounded by all sorts of other cool places to check out. Officially kicked off on April 25, Waterfront Wednesdays will be a great way to experience the fun of a music festival, but on a smaller, more cost-efficient scale. When it comes to summer leisure in Louisville, it doesn’t get much better than enjoying a free concert with friends on the comfort of the Harbor Lawn. The next Waterfront Wednesday is on May 30th, featuring The Elders, Joseph Arthur and Vessell.

Fright Night Film Festival

If you’re into horror movies, then this is the summer event for you. Taking place over the June 29th-July 1st weekend at the Galt House Hotel and Convention Center, this festival is a great way to be around all things horror. You can watch independent horror filmmakers showcase their talent with the wide variety of films submitted for screening. You can also meet the many stars of horror that will be present, including Bruce Campbell and Sean Hayes. If you’re interested in going, get tickets soon, because they go fast. As a bonus for horror fans, there’s also the annual Zombie Attack Walk on Bardstown Rd. on August 29.

Baxter Jack’s Volleyball

Baxter Jack’s is a great place to enjoy a good volleyball tournament after a long stroll down Bardstown Rd. Located at 440 Baxter Avenue, this particular venue holds three volleyball courts and is open until October. It is certainly worth checking out for its popularity and varied tournament list. If you want to get that last game of volleyball out of your system before summer ends, then Baxter Jack’s is a no-brainer.

Louisville Public Parks

Free summer entertainment can always be found at Louisville’s public parks. If you’re in the mood for an outside movie screening, check out the amphitheater in Iroquois Park. If you’re looking for an outdoor stage drama, Central Park holds live performances of Shakespeare during specific dates over the course of the summer. For sheer scenic beauty, Cherokee Park is ideal. You can walk through one of the many hiking trails and also enjoy a game of golf here.

Pictured: The Elders by flickrized


Campus hot spots everyone should know about

By Lee Cole–

If you’re wandering around U of L between classes, check out some of these cool places on campus:

1. The George J. Howe Red Barn houses a number of student events throughout the year and is also the location of LGBT Services office on campus. Established in 1969, the Red Barn hosts concerts, cookouts and dances, and can be reserved by students or student organizations. The Office for LGBT Services is located in the Intersection, a space where, according to their website, “LGBT and other students come together to explore social justice issues and work across their differences to support the university’s broadest vision for a diverse, welcoming campus.” The Red Barn is, in many ways, the heart and soul of campus life, always bustling with activity. Whatever part of the year it happens to be, students are sure to find something exciting going on there.

2. The Bingham Poetry room is a well-guarded secret in Ekstrom Library. I wouldn’t have even known of its existence if my search for a volume of poetry hadn’t led me there. It almost seemed like the library worker who told me how to find it did so begrudgingly, and I understand why: it’s an unspoiled, study oasis. Located on the first floor, down a long corridor to the right (if you’re entering from the quad), the Bingham Poetry room is a great place to study, away from the crowds in the rest of the library. You can even read poetry there (imagine that!), as most of the library’s poetry collection is housed there.

3. A haven for anyone seeking bodacious laser light shows with accompaniment from the likes of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin, the Rauch Planetarium is something all new students should check out. In addition to laser shows, the planetarium also presents shows relating to astronomy. Tickets are relatively cheap and the shows feature music by older classic rock bands and newer favorites like Radiohead.

4. The Floyd Theater is the place to see cheap movies on the big screen for U of L students. Located on the 3rd floor of the Student Activities Center, the Floyd Theater shows films every Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. and on Sunday at 2 p.m. and tickets are a mere $1.50. With ticket prices for new releases approaching $10, the Floyd Theater is a viable alternative for students who don’t want to break the bank.

5. Although not technically part of the University of Louisville, the city’s foremost art museum is located conveniently on campus – Speed Art Museum. If the beautiful, neoclassical architecture of the exterior isn’t enough to draw you in, then perhaps the treasures of artistic achievement on the inside will. Featuring works of art from Ancient Greece up to modern day, the Speed is sure not to disappoint. In the permanent collection, one can find works as varied as sculptures by Henri Moore, a giant abstract by Frank Stella, stained glass and tapestries from 16th century France and pottery from ancient China. Just a few strides from Ekstrom, the Speed Art Museum is not to be missed.

Photo: Nathan Gardner/The Louisville Cardinal


How to ball on a budget

By Michael Baldwin–

College can get expensive; tuition, meal plan and book are going to leave your bank account empty. With all these expenses how is one able to afford anything else? This article is here to ease the vice grip on your wallet. These are a few ways to be a baller on a budget.

Goodwill Hunting

No I’m not talking about that movie with Matt Damon. If what they say is true, and vintage is in, then Goodwill is a designer boutique. Second hand/thrift stores, like Goodwill, are filled with clothes that people have donated for various reasons. It may take some time, so search through the racks of apparel, but be very patient and diligent while looking as to not pass up a hidden gem. Shirts and pants cost only a few dollars. With most things in the store being under $5, this store is a must visit. Fashionable and frugal.

Share Netflix

Netflix is a great site to find all types of movies and television shows. Now with apps for phones and tablets, Netflixs can go anywhere with you. With a price tag set at $7.99 a month it’s affordable for one person, but if you and a roommate or a buddy get an account and share the password and payment it will be dirt cheap. With it being an online service the person you share it with doesn’t even need to be at the same school or country as you.


In college those dollar menus may look more like your daily food pyrmid than a menu, but resist the urge because this a trap to snare your hard earned singles. You can get more bang for your buck by buying things to cook. Pasta is a fan favorite to those trying to save money. For the same price as five double cheeseburgers, you could get enough food to feed you and 2 other people for the whole day. Some buddies and yourself could get some money and have a dinner party for cheap. Cooking for someone is also a bit romantic so perhaps this could even be used as a date idea.

Student ID

Your student ID isn’t just for accessing your meal plan, it can also get you a lot of things around the city. For example free transportation. The TARC allows students to ride for free. That’s right you can go anywhere in Louisville and southern Indiana with your student ID for free. One can also use it to get student discounts at certain places around campus and the city. If you’re not sure if someone has a student discount just ask them, the worst thing they are going to say is “no”. Some of these discounts can score you free drinks or 15 percent off your bill.

Free Stuff

Always be on the look out for the two best words in a college students life, no, not “class cancelled,” I’m talking about “Free Food.” These signs are everywhere the first couple weeks of college. Some group is always giving out free food, and not only is this a chance to get some free eats, you can also use this time to meet new people or perhaps, everndare I say it, learn something. At these events there sometimes are also free sunglasses, shirts or water bottles, so make sure to stock up.


With gas prices skyrocketing, its hard to save money while at the pump. However, there are several ways to save money when filling up, for example, Krogers has a reward system called fuel points. When you buy groceries you gain fuel points, and when you get enough fuel points you get discounts on gas. A quick and easy way to gain your points is to fill your prescription at their pharmacy; turn your illness into profit as each prescription filled there is worth 50 fuel points. Another way to save money is to make sure your tires are properly inflated. Many gas stations have the use of an air compressor for free, so find one and fill those tires up. Lastly, cut idling down to a minimum. If you have to wait longer than ten seconds somewhere turn off your car. This will save you a small fortune in gas. Not only that, it’ll help the environment which is also a plus.


You are paying to use the meal plan so you might as well utilize every dollar of it. Even though the things in the Cards Nest are ridiculously marked-up there are a few ways to save money while using your meal plan. When ordering a Papa Johns pizza from the SAC, opt for the carryout option, this will save you about two to three dollars every time you order a pizza. Not only will you save in delivery fee, most of the time they have special carryout sales, so make sure to ask about those. When going to pick up the pizza, take the Cardinal Shuttle (free) over to Thrust Theatre and walk (free) to the Papa Johns. Over the year you’ll accumulate enough savings to have at least one free pizza.

Photo Illustration by Michael Baldwin/The Louisville Cardinal


Extracurriculars: Things to check out around campus

By Deepa Singh–

All of your time on campus does not have to be spent learning or studying. The Louisville Cardinal is here with 10 things you can do right on the University of Louisville’s campus during your free time or time between classes.

Go see a play and support the theatre department. Productions are held in two locations: the Playhouse and the Thrust Theatre. Tickets are available to students at a discounted price – $10 for musicals, $8 for regular shows and $40 for season tickets.

Volunteer at the Garden Commons. Located right by the Cultural Center, the Garden Commons is run by students and is always welcome to new members.

Attend a concert. The School of Music houses a talented faculty and group of students. Occasionally, shows are put on by students, staff and guests. More information can be found by going to louisville.edu/music and clicking on the Calendar tab at the top of the page.

Go watch a movie. The Floyd Theater in the SAC has movies nearly every week, ranging from classics to indie films. Some of the shows are free. More information can be found via their Twitter, at @TheFloydTheater.

The Ralph R. Wright Natatorium, located on the east side of campus, is an incredible facility available to all students. Take a swim there for free – with ID – during their hours of operation. For more information regarding hours, visit louisville.edu/athletics/natatorium/hours.

Strike up a friendly game of ping pong or pool. Located on the second floor of the SAC, the Cardinal Corner has ping pong tables and pool tables, as well as a TV lounge, available for students who present their ID. Hours of operation can be found at louisville.edu/intramurals/facilities/cardinalcorner.

Photo: Nathan Gardner/The Louisville Cardinal


To rush or not to rush? Only fools rush in: college has more than expensive social clubs

By Anna Meany–

There’s a huge, tightknit Greek community at U of L, and rushing is something almost every freshman considers. Sororities and fraternities promote sisterhood/brotherhood, philanthropic and social opportunities.

Overall, I don’t completely disagree with Greek life. It’s a great way to get involved and meet people your freshman year. Some of the most important people on our campus (like the SGA president) are in fraternities and sororities. Greek organizations often require their members to get involved, producing more well-rounded graduates of the University.

But there are fundamental aspects to Greek life that aren’t for everyone.

I think the most common objection to going Greek is “You’re paying for your friends” and, in the most obvious way, they are. Let’s face it – Greek life isn’t for the kids who survive on Ramen noodles. Being a part of either a fraternity or a sorority is expensive. To wear letters, you’ve got to shell out hundreds every semester, plus the cost of t-shirts, intramural fees and other step show and Fryberger fees. But this isn’t why I didn’t rush. Society is plagued with ways to inadvertently ‘buy’ your friends (like private schooling, club sports, country club memberships).

It’s also a huge time commitment. Weekly meetings, mandatory philanthropic events and organized socials – it’s no secret that joining a sorority or fraternity will hand-deliver your social life. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I’ve been to countless Greek parties and had a blast – even making good friends with some of them and dating a few. Juggling any more than 15 hours of classes, Greek life and a job is tricky.

Personally, my biggest objection to Greek life is the social pressure to conform.

Speaking from experience, joining any group has the potential to change members. I’ve met two freshmen (who both joined the same fraternity) and changed not only the way they dress but their personality to fit certain Greek stereotypes. Looking ‘fratty’ (like sporting a pair of Sperry’s and Polo button-down) is a must for new pledges – especially those trying to gain respect from older members.

Girls have it just as hard – perhaps adjusting social behavior is the strictest rule. One sorority on campus literally has a rule that you cannot spend the night at a guy’s house if he’s not your FBO boyfriend. On one hand, they’re promoting great morals – but this is college, right?

And girls are classified – we’ve all heard rumors about certain girls in certain sororities that could perpetuate other stereotypes.

And this is why I could never be Greek: labels. You’re automatically assumed to be a copy of your group’s image.

Don’t think that I judge every Greek organization. I’ve begun spending a ton of time with one fraternity who has redefined everything I thought Greek life was. You could call them true gentlemen.

As a GDI (otherwise known as a ‘gosh-darn independent’ in more offensive terms), I am not Greek and don’t sport letters. I can still attend the parties (I am a girl!), and there are plenty of other ways to get involved on campus without the hefty semester bill.

Photo: Erin Standridge/The Louisville Cardinal