Wed. Jan 23rd, 2019

Students on edge after Old Louisville crime spree

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By Kyeland Jackson & Olivia Krauth —

U of L students are on-edge after multiple armed robberies and sexual assaults were reported in Old Louisville last week.

A Twitter poll of The Cardinal’s followers found that 60 percent of responders do not feel safe on and around campus after the incidents. Eighteen percent felt safe and 22 percent said they were not concerned about the situation.

The first case, near Third Street and Gaulbert Avenue, involved a non-student. The victim was allegedly carjacked and sexually assaulted before she was told to leave the area. The male assailants stole the car.

In the second case, a U of L student was allegedly abducted, robbed and sexually assaulted blocks from campus.

According to Louisville Metro Police reports, the student reported being forced into a car outside of The Bellamy apartments around 4 p.m. Wednesday. The female victim was reportedly robbed and sexually assaulted at an off-campus location before being told to leave the area.

The vehicle stolen from the first victim was the same used to abduct the student near campus Wednesday. Police reported the vehicle was set on-fire after the crime.

Thursday afternoon, two females were allegedly robbed at gunpoint near Second and Lee Streets. LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell did not know if the victims were U of L students.

Police believe the same men are responsible for the first two cases. The suspects were described as two black males with a handgun.

Mitchell did not comment on if police believe Thursday’s report is related to Tuesday and Wednesday’s cases.

“Student safety is our top priority,” U of L Police Chief Wayne Hall said in an statement after the first two reports.

“The U of L Police Department has sent an email to all our students about this issue, including recommendations to help keep them safe. In addition to working with LMPD on this case, we are increasing patrols in the area and have alerted affiliated housing and any associated courtesy officers about these crimes,” Hall said.

double shooting near Cardinal Village this summer left one victim in critical condition, and a store clerk was fatally shot blocks away from campus in February.

According to ULPD’s crime log, there’s been 30 reported thefts this semester. Seven of those were valued over $500.

SGA Services Vice President Lauren Greenwell vowed to address safety this year, saying she plans to extend the L Trail, streamline safety apps, address campus lighting and increase police presence on campus.

ULPD’s recommendations:

  • Walk with a group of people. If walking to a parking lot, do not the leave the area until everyone is safely in their vehicle.
  • Remain alert and watchful for suspicious activity.
  • Be alert for anything suspicious, especially two or more people just hanging around.
  • If you sense something wrong, leave the area immediately.
  • Utilize the university shuttle system.
  • Utilize the university escort system from dusk to dawn.
  • Use the L-Trail when on campus.
  • Use the CardGuard app (available at
  • Call ULPD at 852-6111 or 911 for all emergencies.

What to do during and after a crime:

  • Observe what the suspect looks like and develop a mental picture so that an accurate description can be given to the police
  • Don’t chase or follow the suspect
  • Protect the crime scene. Leave everything as it is. Don’t try to clean up or touch any possible evidence.
  • Write down a description of the suspect including sex, race, height, weight, build, eye and hair color, scars or tattoos, jewelry, approximate age, and clothing. If possible, note in which direction the suspect fled. Remember, do not chase the suspect.

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