How much do the big dogs on campus earn?

By on November 30, 2015

By Olivia Krauth–

As requested by Cardinal readers, The Louisville Cardinal looked into salary statistics of top University of Louisville administrators and coaches for the past year.

President James Ramsey received the most heat and criticism with his paycheck this year, most notably in July when he was revealed to have one of the highest salaries amongst presidents at peer institutions. He received a bonus from the Board of Trustees within the week.

While Ramsey got the most criticism, those in sports-related positions made much more. Men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino made the most on the year with over $4 million, followed by football head coach Bobby Petrino.

All of the statistics used here come from an open records request with U of L or the U of L-funded Verisight report from July. The figures only use salaries, and do not figure in amenities included in the position like cars or mansions.

What about U of L faculty members? The most recent figures say faculty make less than 90 percent of the median salary for those in the same field – and some faculty aren’t happy about it. Read more here.



Big Dogs

Graphic by Mallory Siegenthaler / The Louisville Cardinal

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