Brief: President delivers state of the university address

By on September 17, 2014

University President James Ramsey today delivered the 11th annual state of the university address.

The event is designed to highlight achievements of the past year and reaffirm commitment to university goals.  The pomp of the events also shows that the University is interested in being considered a serious academic institution.

Ramsey focused on goals for the future and the entrance into the Atlantic Coast Conference, which is highly rated academically.  He also stressed that higher education will face challenges going forward.

“We’ve been forced to face a new reality,” said Ramsey, speaking of the fiscal constraints on higher education.  However, he emphasized that challenges were not a reason for inaction on the part of the university.

“We will move forward,” he said.

Check back at the Cardinal for a full piece on State of the University week. Photos by Simon Isham

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