Tue. Dec 18th, 2018

Flasher reported on campus

By Simon Isham–

A flasher has been reported at 4th and Cardinal.

Chelsea Hall, a senior communication major, reported the man to campus police. Hall said the flasher drove past her and a group of her friends, shouting obscenely at them, with his penis in his hand.

She said he was a white male in his early to mid 40s with short brown hair. The vehicle he was driving was an 80s or 90s gold sedan with a Kentucky Fallen Officers Trust license plate, bearing the numbers 1177. There are two, stacked letters following the number on a Fallen Officers License plate, but Hall did not see them.

I felt almost a little violated, like I immediately understood why indecent exposure is a crime, it seemed like it was a control thing for the man. The way he timed everything and turned and fled so quickly made me feel like he must do this sort of thing all the time,” said Hall. “I wasn’t at all traumatized by the event but I do wonder if it had been young girls standing there, would he have done the same thing?”

Hall reported the incident to campus police as soon as it happened. She said that an officer was dispatched to the scene soon after, to take a report. She said the officer told the group that a flasher of similar description had been reported in the fall, but had not been apprehended.

Later, Hall received an email from the Dean of Students’ office, encouraging her to seek help from the PEACC office if she wished to discuss the experience with professional counselors.

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