Snow Day or Snore Day: Third Snow Day of the Semester

By on February 3, 2014

By Lubna Hindi–

The Bronco’s defense wasn’t the only thing slipping and sliding last night, as students braved their way through campus on icy sidewalks. Snow covered roads and dangerous winter weather lead U of L to cancel classes Feb. 3, marking the third snow day of the semester.

Many students, both on campus residents and commuters, described the road conditions in their area as poor. While some of the roads and sidewalks were cleared, others were not, leading to some very dangerous driving and walking conditions.

“Out in J-Town where I live, a lot of the roads were un-shoveled and cars were sliding around. The last time we had to come in the snow, I couldn’t stop on the hills, which poses certain safety problems,” said freshman commuter Peter Heiniger.

Commuters weren’t the only ones facing dangerous conditions when considering the possibility of going to class. On-campus residents and employees had just as much trouble walking about on campus.

“Some of the sidewalks were icy. They shoveled off some of the main sidewalks, but left others still covered. I almost slipped just walking back to my dorm,” said freshman biology major Tarhonda Lee.

“The interstate wasn’t bad, but the side roads were crazy,” said Melissa Ingram, executive chef at the Ville Grill. Ingram still had to come into to work as the Ville Grill was still open on the snow day.

While a snow day does pose for some problems in the classroom, causing professors to review their schedules and move things around, the administration will always hold the student’s safety as a priority over everything else. Meanwhile, students are enjoying an extended weekend, some catching up on homework or studying, others enjoying the snow and using it as a day of relaxation.

“I immediately rolled out of bed and dedicated myself to doing absolutely no homework for the rest of day, proceeding to build a snowman instead,” said bioengineering major Amos Zoeller.

In the meantime, drive carefully and enjoy the day off. Classes are expected to resume Tuesday.

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