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By on November 13, 2012

Pregnancy test diagnoses rare form of testicular cancer

When a man posted on a well-known humor site,, that his male friend took a pregnancy test to find positive results, users replied that he should get tested for testicular cancer. The man followed their advice and was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma, a rare testicular cancer. Pregnancy tests detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), a hormone that is given off by the placenta in women, and choriocarcinoma tumors. HCG is not secreted in most forms of testicular cancer, but in this case the man diagnosed by the pregnancy test caught the cancer early and was able to have the tumor removed.

Earthquake hits Kentucky

Saturday afternoon a 4.3 magnitude earthquake rocked Louisville and at least eight states surrounding Kentucky. The epicenter of this earthquake was in Eastern Kentucky, about 10 miles west of Whitesburg, near the border of Virginia. No serious damage has been reported from the earthquake, which lasted just seconds and is considered relatively light.

Head of CIA resigns

CIA director, General David Petraeus, who spoke at U of L in September, was caught having an extramarital affair and subsequently resigned last Thursday. Petraeus, married for 37 years, was having an affair with his biographer that was discovered during an investigation of a potential breach of his private email account. Petraeus sent his resignation letter to President Obama Thursday and it was approved the following day. In his letter, which has been released to the public, Petraeus says the affair showed “extremely poor judgment” and that “such behavior is unacceptable.”

Explosion in Indianapolis kills two people

An explosion leveled two homes, set two more homes on fire and damaged at least 14 others Saturday night in an Indianapolis neighborhood. Authorities are unsure what caused the explosion that caused around 200 people to leave their homes and head to a nearby school, but it may have been a gas leak. The explosion killed two people and sent seven to the hospital.


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