September 8, 2008


Childcare center to open near campus

As child-care gets harder to find and even more difficult to afford, some have found hope in the new child care facility coming near the University of Louisville’s Belknap campus – like junior biology major Alex Rodriguez, who was fortunate enough to secure a spot for his two year old daughter.

Budget cuts may affect tuition

For Rachel Noble, budget cuts at the University of Louisville represent more than just dollars in the minus column. They represent a new burden for the next generation of U of L students to shoulder.
“Incoming students are very concerned about the budget situation,” said Noble, a junior communication major, who added that her experience with the student orientation staff at this year’s freshman orientation allowed her to better understand the needs of the incoming students. “At this point, they are going to be at the university the longest and they are already concerned with things like ‘how am I going to work and go to school and get things paid for?'”

U of L parking sees price hikes for 08-09

Dustin Delaney will be riding his bike to the University of Louisville campus this fall as increased parking permit prices have forced him to consider alternate modes of transportation.

“If you buy a green pass, you are not guaranteed a green spot,” said Delaney, a senior mechanical engineering major. “Every semester it seems like we lose more parking spaces.”

Pink slipped: jobs eliminated by mass cutting

Jan Rayburn walked into a meeting with Student Activities Director Tim Moore this past May with a job.

When the meeting was over, her situation had changed considerably.

Moore informed her that because of the $136,000 cut the Student Affairs division for the University of Louisville was being asked to make, Rayburn’s position with Commuter Student Services was being eliminated and so was that of her co-worker, Barbara King, the former assistant director of CSS. As a result, CSS was closing.

Students react to investigation into former dean

The University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development has garnered a lot of attention lately, but it’s not the latest U.S. News & World Report’s rankings people are talking about.

Former Dean Robert Felner is under investigation for misuse of grant money, specifically a $694,000 No Child Left Behind grant, secured in 2005. On June 20, armed federal agents loaded boxes and computers from the dean’s office at CED into black SUVs.