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Rec and Roll

During a University of Louisville Board of Trustees meeting on April 12, members voted to approve various proposals brought by university officials and listened to presentations from the Student Government Association regarding the establishment of a new student recreation center.

Project: Sunshine

While most Americans are fortunate enough to enjoy a relatively healthy childhood, others are not so lucky. Across the country, children who suffer from medical illnesses are confined to lengthy hospital stays for treatment and are deprived of a normal childhood in the process.

The Exit Interview

When the fall 2010 semester began, The Louisville Cardinal sat down with Sana Abhari to talk about her goals as Student Government Association president for the upcoming academic year.

The year has gone by quickly. With meal plan reform and improved student interaction topping the list of SGA accomplishments, Abhari’s reign as SGA president comes to a close. Looking ahead, with Kurtis Frizzell preparing to move into the role of SGA president, The Cardinal sat with Abhari once again, to reflect on the year and the efforts of her administration.