By Hevin Ramsey

Even though they moved from the Red Barn to under the SAC ramp, the SAB still provided good food, free stuffed Louie’s, student-made Homecoming t-shirts, and a good time on Thursday.

When asked about the event and how they thought of the turnout, Emma McClellan answered excitedly.

“My friend working the event said, ‘Come to the cookout; it’ll be so much fun. There will be free t-shirts and food.’ Food, yes; t-shirts, yes; and then I got a free stuffed Louie, which was pretty awesome.”

Not only did the Homecoming finalists make an appearance, but some of the university’s football team members also came to celebrate the start of Homecoming Week in celebration of their game against Duke.

File Photos //  Hevin Ramsey, The Louisville Cardinal