By Hannah Walker–

On Saturday, October 9, Louisville football played against the Virginia Cavaliers. Louisville lost by one point when UVA scored a touchdown with 0:22 on the clock. The final score was 33-34.

At the start of the game, Louisville won the coin toss and made the decision to defer to the second half of the game. Virginia received and made a touchdown early on with 12:33 on the clock.

However, Louisville quickly caught up to UVA when redshirt junior quarterback Malik Cunningham made a complete pass for 92 yards to Tyler Harrell; scoring a touchdown for U of L.

UVA was able to break the tie with U of L in the first quarter when they made a field goal attempt from the 25 yard line. However, Louisville sophomore kicker James Turner made a field goal attempt of his own from the 28 yard line. This put both teams at a score of 10-10 going into the second quarter.

During the second quarter, both teams battled to score points. Nonetheless, UVA was the only team that was able to score. With 11:37 on the clock, Virginia made a field goal from the 22 yard line; putting them in the lead at 10-13.

During the third quarter, Louisville quickly caught back up to the Cavaliers when they scored two touchdowns and two field goals. UVA made several attempts to catch up but were unable to by the end of the third quarter. Louisville went into the fourth quarter with a score of 30-13.

By the fourth quarter, Louisville’s defense had let up on the Cavaliers. Virginia was able to score two touchdowns early on in the quarter; putting Louisville at a score of 30-27. Louisville tried to score more towards the end of the game when Turner made a field goal from the 40 yard line, but it was too late. With only 0:22 on the clock, Virginia made another touchdown. Louisville lost with a final score of 33-34.

Louisville football will be back on Saturday, October 23 when they will play against Boston College at Cardinal Stadium.

Photo Courtesy of Jessica Abell//Louisville Cardinal