By Catherine Brown–

Fall has now arrived! With the beginning of the season comes one of the greatest seasonal traditions: watching fall movies. Whether these movies represent the spooky theme of Halloween, or just a mark of the transition to autumn, fall movies are the perfect way to spend the chilly weather indoors.

Take a look at the fall movies that our staff editors picked.

Editor-in-chief Eli Hughes and I chose Disney’s Halloweentown series as our favorite movie(s) of the season.

Hughes said that he recommends Halloweentown because the movie is lighthearted.

“You don’t have to really pay attention or take it too seriously and it’s a good way to start getting in the spooky spirit. It’s also really funny in my opinion,” said Hughes.

I agree. I also think that Halloweentown is the kind of movie that can be watched year-round. Plus, Debbie Reynolds is a legend. I just wish Return to Halloweentown didn’t replace the main actress. That’s probably my only concern with the series.

Features Editor Tate Luckey chose a less spooky but still fall-themed movie. Luckey said that his favorite movie of the season is Dead Poets Society

Dead Poets Society is a 1989 film starring Robin Williams as a teacher of an all-boys school who aims to teach his students about poetry in unconventional ways.

Luckey said that he chose Dead Poets Society because of its impactful message.

Asst. Editor-in-chief Madelin Shelton and Sports Editor Hannah Walker chose Disney’s Hocus Pocus as their favorite movie of the fall.

Walker said, “I would recommend it because it is a classic that I grew up watching with my family. It is my favorite because it reminds me of being at home with my family during the fall months.”

Anthony Riley, our Photo Editor, chose another unconventional fall movie. 

His movie pick is Mary and the Witch’s Flower. If you like anime films, this one’s for you. The movie is about a young girl who finds a flower that gives her witch powers, but only for one night.

He said that he likes the movie because it has supernatural elements and witchy themes, which makes it a good movie for the season.

Do you agree with any of the movies above? What is your favorite movie of the fall season?

Graphic by Eli Hughes//The Louisville Cardinal