By Hannah Walker —

The No. 2 University of Louisville Cardinal’s baseball team took another loss this season against the Morehead State Eagles on Mar. 2. The game took a shocking turn during the eighth inning when Morehead took the lead and won the game with a final score of 5-2.

At the start of the game, offense was very slow for both teams. No points were scored by the Cardinals during the first four innings with U of L sophomore Luke Seed as the starting pitcher. Although offense was weak, Seed managed to face 15 batters, make 7 strikeouts, have only 3 ground outs and only 2 walks. Overall, a great start on defense for the Cardinals.

Louisville continued to play a decent game when their first score was made in the fifth inning. Junior infielder/outfielder Cameron Masterman grounded out to second base, while junior infielder/outfielder Lucas Dunn advanced to third, and junior outfielder Trey Leonard scored a point for the Cardinals.

Louisville proceeded these strong plays with another point in the bottom seventh inning. Sophomore infielder Tim Borden advanced to second base, while sophomore infielder Cooper Bowman advanced to third, and sophomore outfielder Chris Seng scored a point for the Cardinals.

Nonetheless, Morehead caught up last minute when four points were made during the eighth inning. Fifth year outfielder Ryan Layne made the first point, followed by points scored by senior catcher Jack Gardner, redshirt freshman infielder Cole Becker and fifth year outfielder Arthur Sells. This led to the ultimate win of 5-2 for the Eagles.

Head coach Dan McDonnell said that the team has to move on from this loss to prepare for the next matchup this weekend.

“I mean this should hurt. Let it hurt,” McDonnell said about the team’s loss. “You should feel sick and you should hate losing, but you wake up tomorrow and it’s a new day. We’ve just got to get better.”

The Cardinals play Georgia Tech over the weekend with their first match on Friday, Mar. 5 at 4:00 p.m.

File Photo // The Louisville Cardinal