By Joseph Garcia —

As Labor Day weekend begins, positive cases for the coronavirus continue to rise at the University of Louisville. U of L updated its dashboard Sept. 4 adding another 29 cases to this week’s total. The cumulative number of positive COVID-19 tests is now at 280 with an overall positivity rate of 1.52%.

This number does not include positive cases within the athletic department. Associate Athletic Director Kenny Klein said as of Sept. 4, the department has tested 92 positive cases since June 2.

With Labor Day this weekend and the 146th annual Kentucky Derby on Sept. 5, Student Body President Sabrina Collins reminded students to stay safe this weekend and continue following CDC and university guidelines.

“The COVID pandemic is far from over, and safety must remain the highest priority. We are exceptionally pleased with how our fellow students have kept each other safe during these first few weeks of the semester,” Collins said. “Keeping our campus safe is a community effort. Please consider your fellow Cardinals this weekend so we can prevent the spread of COVID-19 on our campus.”

Collins and other Top 4 members of SGA also told students that they should avoid attending or hosting any large gatherings of 10 or more people this weekend.

“Note that per the Code of Student Conduct 2020-2021 , ‘the University may take conduct action against a student(s) or student organization(s) who fail to follow federal, state, U of L, local and/or pandemic public health guidelines as established and distributed by the University,'” Collins said. “It is not worth jeopardizing the safety of others or your status as a student or student organization. ”

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal