By Eli Hughes–

The University of Louisville is reporting 20,074 students enrolled across undergraduate, professional and graduate programs for the fall 2020 semester. That is a 1.4% increase from the fall 2019 enrollment, which was 19,791 students.

Of the fall 2020 students, 14,223 are enrolled in undergraduate programs, 4,393 are enrolled in graduate programs and 1,458 are enrolled in professional programs.

Even though enrollment is higher this year, that doesn’t mean there are more people on campus. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 73.6% of students are enrolled in a mixture of online, in-person and hybrid classes. Hybrid classes are defined as classes held partially online and partially in-person. 14.9% of students are only taking in-person classes and 11.5% of students are only taking online classes.

The number of incoming freshmen has also increased from last year, with more than 2,800 freshmen enrolling this semester. That is up from around 2,600 freshmen enrolled in the 2019 fall semester. 86% of freshmen are enrolled in hybrid classes.

Although freshman enrollment is up, the percentage of freshman living on campus has gone down from 72% during fall 2019 to 66.3% for fall 2020.

A full breakdown of freshmen class statistics can be found on U of L’s news website.

Graphic by Joseph Garcia // The Louisville Cardinal