By Matthew Keck —

Louisville is full of many flavors. From hot browns to hot chicken, this city has it all. But forget about the mainstays such as Jack Fry’s and Jeff Ruby’s; we’re looking at some of the most underrated places to eat in Louisville.

Ollie’s Trolley

Starting things off on the corner of Kentucky and Third Street in downtown Louisville is Ollie’s Trolley. What may be deemed the best french fries in the city by many sits a lonely, faded trolley; the first and last of its kind.

There are no seats, no condiment stands and surely no credit card scanners. This one-of-a-kind place has a limited menu, with several types of burgers, a chicken and fish sandwich and hot dogs. The classic order: an ollie burger with cheese and fries with extra seasoning. Just don’t forget to bring cash.

Louie’s Hot Chicken

Going from old to brand new, we find ourselves on Poplar Level Road at Louie’s Hot Chicken. Obviously, as the name states, their schtick is Nashville hot chicken, but they’re more than that. They also offer pulled pork sandwiches, brisket and smoked wings.

If you fancy yourself a BBQ lover then look no further. Their brisket is some of the best in town, and judging from the pulled pork they mix with their green beans, that’s pretty darn good too. They also have a healthy amount of sides, from baked beans to coleslaw.

Recommended order: If you’re a chicken lover, go for the tenders, spice level hot if you want some bite, with mac ‘n cheese and green beans as the sides. For the BBQ fans, opt for their pulled pork with baked beans and coleslaw on the side.

Frank’s Meat and Produce

Looking for another quick lunch but don’t want to get caught downtown? Head over to Preston Highway and step into Frank’s Meat and Produce. This deli-style butcher shop/produce market also doubles as a lunch haven.

With daily lunch specials like grilled chicken breast and pulled pork sandwiches, they’re bound to satiate your lunch hunger. It wouldn’t be a full meal either without classic deli sides like potato and pasta salad.

And while you’re waiting in line to order, go ahead and grab a container of banana pudding, you won’t regret it.

La Péche

Taking it a notch up in the to-go eating world is La Péche gourmet-to-go on Patterson Ave. and Bardstown Road. An extension of Lilly’s Bistro, this fast dining experience offers flavors from all around the world in minutes.

Their daily offerings rotate but expect dishes along the line of cajun chicken pasta or grilled salmon on rice with asparagus. But they also have a regular sandwich menu, one that boasts the famous Burger’s fried chicken sandwich.

It wouldn’t be a complete trip here either if you didn’t step over to the dessert glass and ogle at all of the options. Filled with lemon bars, brownies, puddings and cakes, there is bound to be something to satisfy your sweet tooth.


Rounding out the underrated eateries in town is one that is not so off the beaten path or hidden: Kashmir. Located at the heart of Bardstown Road, across from Mid City Mall, sits this wonderful Indian restaurant.

With Indian staples like chicken tikka masala and saag paneer filling the menu, they offer an authentic taste of India in Louisville. Plus, their menu is friendly to vegetarians and other limited diets.

While their dinner is nothing to scoff at, the best time to go is for lunch. This is when they offer their $12.99 lunch buffet and you can try a good amount of dishes, be it that you’ve never had Indian cuisine before. Just don’t pass by the gulab jamun (essentially a donut hole) and the kheer to cool off your spicy meal.

So, next time you choose to eat out, don’t go to the same spot you always do. Be adventurous and try something new, you just might eat it up.

Photo by Anthony Riley//The Louisville Cardinal