By Zoe Watkins–

Valentine’s Day is about giving presents or spending time with loved ones, including parents. Here are some ways to give back to them and send messages of love and affections.

Set up a night on the town

It’s not easy for parents to have time for themselves especially when raising a family or working a full-time job. So, make them reservations to their favorite restaurant or to a diner they’ve never been to. Giving them some alone time when they haven’t had any in years might be a good thing to do.

Mementos of the family for keepsakes

Parents will always love their children no matter how far they are. Take a picture or write them a note they can have. Maybe get a little artsy with the present like a drawing or a knitted scarf if the skills are there.

A hand-crafted item shows a parent that their child took some time and effort out of their day to create a wonderful masterpiece in their eyes.

Take care of their daily duties

Let them have a break for once. Take up the responsibility of household chores for the day and maybe go the extra mile and do something they’ve been meaning to do but haven’t gotten to yet. If there are siblings around, it will make the work go by fast and more chores can be done quicker.

Give back what has been taken

Parents help children all the time from driving them around to paying rent if money falls short. Even though most college students have left the nest, do something in return for all the years they’ve helped. Fill up the family car’s gas tank, go out and buy groceries for the week or maybe do a meal-prep, help pay bills or rent and take care of siblings occasionally.

A simple text or phone call can go a long way

A lot of students at U of L can’t live at home because they live too far away from campus or have a home in a different state or country. Sending them a text saying “I love you” or “Happy Valentine’s Day” can make their day feel a little bit special. If there’s enough time in the day, try to call them and wish them a happy Valentine’s Day and just catch up with them to see how things are going

File Graphic // The Louisville Cardinal