SGA Announces three out of the executive top four, AVP runoff election

By Gabriel Wiest–

The University of Louisville Student Government Association  announced the 2019 SGA election results March 1, 10 days after polls closed.

Jasper Noble won the election for SGA president. Kayla Payne is the new executive vice president. Lydia Burns is the new services vice president.

There is a runoff election for academic vice president between candidates Molly Baldock and Sabrina Collins.

While these results have been posted, there will be another election for the two top candidates of the original five.

It is still unclear how many people voted, because SGA has not released the totals.

The chief justice of the SGA Supreme Court says those numbers will be released once the runoff completes. “The SGA Executive Office/marketing team will make the final decision to release all election numbers,” Winston Furtado said. He is chief justice of SGA Supreme Court.

With roots in SGA, Jasper Noble has been part of student government since his freshman year. As president his roles are to “Administer the policies, procedures, and programs of the SGA as established by the Student Senate,” as stated by the SGA constitution.

Kayla Payne, a MLK scholar, has her eyes set on making social change on campus a priority when she takes office as EVP.

“Diversity is a really big part of my platform, but I am an advocate for all students. I am an MLK scholar so coming from an area that supports and pushes social justice I know what it takes to be a strong advocate,” Payne said.

The EVP position administers the internal operations and policies of the SGA, including emphasis on the budget and financial policies, member retention, recruitment programs, and procedures of the Student Senate.

Lydia Burns will “administer the services, service policies, and programs of the SGA as established by the Student Senate,” as stated by the SGA constitution.

The contested AVP position will administer the academic policies and programs of the SGA  established by the student senate.

Voting for AVP reopened March 4 and closes at midnight March 6.


File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal

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