December 19, 2017

Police investigate second shooting at the Arch Apartments in four months

By Joseph Lyell —

LMPD Spokesperson Dwight Mitchell said a man who was shot the evening of Dec. 18 at the Arch Apartments is expected to survive his injuries. U of L Spokesperson John Karman said the victim is not a U of L student, and police have no suspects yet.

911 operators received a call for the incident at 7:03 p.m., and the victim was taken University of Louisville Hospital shortly after. U of L’s Rave Alert system notified students 30 minutes later that LMPD and ULPD units were investigating the shooting at the apartments.

Cash Collins lives there, and said his roommate was home around 7:00 p.m. when he heard several gunshots. After waiting for the gunfire to subside, the roommate told Collins he walked down the second floor hallway to the next apartment unit to see a man bleeding on the ground.

“He said it happened in the 1000 block,” Collins said, which is the complex closest to the intersection at Industry Road and Fourth Street.

Collins’s roommate told him he ran back to his apartment to grab a towel, and used it to try to stop the bleeding before going outside to wait for an ambulance.

“He said it looked like he got shot in the chest, like the left side of his chest,” Collins said. He did not know how many gunshot wounds the victim suffered.

This shooting comes less than four months after another shooting at the Arch, which wounded another non-student resident.

Not all of the Arch’s residents are students, but its website advertises the chance to “connect with other college students that attend the University of Louisville.”

Karman said they are still gathering details, but will be contacting Arch management to discuss ways to ensure residents’ safety in the future.

Cardinal reporters arrived on the scene to find police standing next to a red Jeep parked on the street in front of the Arch. About an hour later, officers pointed an LMPD tow truck to the vehicle and it was hauled away.

The entrance to the Arch at the intersection of Industry Road and Fourth Street was taped off as officers investigated the crime scene. Officers directed pedestrians away from the entrance while the LMPD Forensic Crime Scene Unit investigated the site.

Officers photographed the area around the building’s entrance.

Bright green tent markers were seen on the ground outside.

Officers stood on the second floor landing of the stairwell, looking and pointing down toward entrance while they spoke with people inside the complex.

This story will be updated.

Photos by Arry Schofield / The Louisville Cardinal

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