By Megan Brewer —

The holidays arrive with Christmas lights, hot chocolate and beloved holiday music. It’s Christmas time and time for Christmas cheer.

Not everyone feels this way though. Some people walk into a grocery store, hear the chime of jingle bells and get annoyed, especially if it isn’t December yet.

They drive their cars through neighborhoods during the Thanksgiving season and get frustrated when they see the glow of red and green lights from others’ houses.

But is it really ever too early to start celebrating the holiday that brings beautiful lights, delightful tunes and wonderful, hilarious holiday movies?

No, it’s not.

Ask any holiday lover and they’ll tell you, Christmas isn’t just for a day, it’s for months. Christmas time, for some, starts the day after Halloween costumes are taken off. For others it begins the first day of November and doesn’t end until champagne is uncorked New Year’s Day.

These months are filled with all the holiday music from the classics to Christmas pop. There’s dozens of cookies baked, too much hot chocolate consumed and even more of presents wrapped. The holiday inspired movies are watched on repeat until all the funny lines are memorized.

There’s always the holiday haters, though. The people who will do anything to put an end to others’ Christmas fun. The ones who dread the Christmas pop and refuse to watch any holiday movie until Christmas Eve.

To those people I say, let the festivities live on. No reason to be a negative, little elf. It’s all supposed to be fun and joyful. Let the Christmas lovers wear their reindeer pajamas in November and blare “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town.”

To the people that hate on all the holiday fun, learn to love Christmas time with all the festiveness that comes with it.

Graphic by Mitchell Howes / The Louisville Cardinal