By Joseph Lyell —

Campus constituents now have a date to meet and discuss who will run the university.

Alumni, community members, faculty, staff and students will meet in small groups with trustees to give input on the presidential search Jan. 17 and 18.

After the tour, the board will move to a large venue to hold forums open to “anyone interested in participating in the presidential search process.”

In the Nov. 27 email announcement, trustee Bonita Black said those interested can also fill out a presidential survey.

Black says the board looks forward to results from that survey, which has already been completed by nearly 2,000 faculty and staff.

The board is developing a website nomination form for people to suggest candidates.

“We realize there has been some controversy over the search format, but I assure you the board is committed to hearing from you and incorporating your recommendations into the leadership statement / job description for the new president,” Black said in the announcement.

The application deadline for the next president has been extended to some time in January, but the “optimal consideration” deadline for candidates is Dec. 1.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal