By Megan Brewer — 

The University of Louisville has had a rough few years. Overspending from a former president, being on academic probation for nine possible accreditation violations and a recent scandal including bribe money and the men’s basketball team are just some of what U of L has recently faced.

U of L has been trying to get things back on track since former president James Ramsey dug us into a deep hole, but board of trustees chair David Grissom isn’t doing his part to get us out of this hole.

His lack of promised transparency hasn’t done anything to help gain back students’ trust after Ramsey administration.

Grissom is a bully. He silences other board members and doesn’t always do things by the book and made it clear that he’s the board member that speaks to the media.

Grissom has reminded the media and other board members of this policy on multiple occasions.

In the recent men’s basketball scandal, Grissom said he called all board members on the decision of putting men’s basketball head coach Rick Pitino and athletic director Tom Jurich on leave.

This goes against the Kentucky Open Meetings Act requiring a notice to the public of an open meeting before the meeting. Calling up all the board members and asking what they think is not the equivalent.

Grissom doesn’t like to play by the rules.

He’s not the kind of person U of L needs as board chair in a time of getting ourselves back on track.

The search for a president has just begun at U of L and it’s going to be kept confidential.

Even after protests from faculty, Grissom seems like he’s going to stick to this plan.

American Association of University Professors sent a letter to the board on Sept. 27 stating their disproval of a closed search and how it violates the Redbook. The Redbook says the board “shall consult” with one representative from 13 different academic units when appointing a president.

Still, Grissom isn’t budging, which isn’t out of character at all.

Grissom may be trying to do things as he sees best, but he’s not doing things to benefit the university.

He’s too conservative, trying to keep too much concealed from students and staff. Instead, he needs to start confiding in the people most affected by these issues. This isn’t something Grissom seems to be capable of doing, though.

Grissom isn’t cutting it, so it’s time to cut him out. Replace him or hold him accountable for everything he’s done and make him fix it.

It’s been hell for students and staff at U of L for the past few years. With the hand we’ve been dealt, having an autocratic board chair that breaks rules isn’t going to make things better.

U of L needs a board chair that’s going to be open and honest. We have to get someone that can bring some light to the university or we’re going to keep being dealt bad hands until everyone decides to quit the game.

File Photo / The Louisville Cardinal