August 24, 2017

U of L’s revolving door of administrators: 2017-18

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By Shelby Brown–

The past two years have yielded mass administration shake ups for U of L. Before a $48 million budget crisis was unearthed, then-president James Ramsey was ousted for reasons including misspending and a racially-charged photo. Neville Pinto took Ramsey’s place shortly after, but he held the position for a few months before accepting a top spot at the University of Cincinnati. Now, Greg Postel holds the title of U of L’s interim president.

The interim positions have trickled through all of U of L’s colleges; some permanent deans were hired as recently as a year ago. Some speculate troubles with SACS, governance and misspending have vexed U of L’s efforts to fill full-time positions.

The Cardinal gives a run down on administration, past and present:

  • President: Dr. Greg Postel
    Status: Interim
    Date: Jan. 2017
    Succeeding: Neville Pinto (March 2015- Jan. 2017), James Ramsey (Nov. 2002-March 2015)
  • Provost: Dale Billingsley
    Status: Interim
    Date: Aug. 2016
    Succeeding: Neville Pinto, Shirley Willihnganz
  • Chief Financial Officer: Susan Howarth
    Status: Interim
    Date: Jan. 2017
    Succeeding: Harlan Sands (Two years)
  • College of Arts and Sciences: Dean Kimberly Kempf-Leonard
    Status: Permanent
    Date: 2014
    Succeeding: John Ferre (interim), J. Blaine Hudson (deceased)
  • College of Business: Todd Mooradian
    Status: Permanent
    Date: Aug. 2016
    Succeeding: Interim Dean Alan Attaway (Dec. 2016)
  • School of Dentistry: T. Gerard Bradley
    Status: Permanent
    Date: Aug. 2016
    Succeeding: John Sauk (retired)
  • College of Education & Human Development: Ann Larson
    Status: Permanent
    Date: April 2014, 19 years with U of L
    Succeeding:  Blake Haselton (interim since 2008)
  • School of Interdisciplinary & Graduate Studies: Beth Boehm
    Status: Permanent
    Date: Nov. 2012, interim since 2009
  • Kent School of Social Work: David Jenkins
    Status: Permanent
    Date: Aug. 2016
    Succeeding: Terry Singer (retired)
  • Brandeis Law School: Lars Smith
    Status: Interim
    Date: July-Dec. 2017
    Succeeding: Susan Duncan (interim, 2012-2016)
    Successor: Colin Crawford
  • School of Medicine: Toni Ganzel
    Status: Permanent
    Date: June 2013, interim 2012
    Succeeding: Edward Halperin (resigned)
  •   School of Music: Christopher Doane
    Status: Permanent
    Date: 2002
    Succeeding: Herbert Koerselman (resigned)
  • School of Nursing: Marcia J. Hern
    Status: Permanent, planning to step down.
    Date: 2007
  •  School of Public Health and Information Sciences: Craig H. Blakely
    Status: Permanent
    Date: Jan. 2013
    Succeeding: Richard Clover (interim)
  • School of Engineering: Gail DePuy
    Status: Interim
    Date: May 2017
    Succeeding: John Usher (interim since May 2015)

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