By Megan Brewer–

President Donald Trump’s GOP healthcare bill sounds like a big joke. I’m just waiting on Trump to say, “I was just playing, here’s the real healthcare bill.”

The bill does not bring us closer to better a healthcare system in the US; it takes us in a harmful direction. What is so bad about the proposed bill?

First, the bill gives tax cuts to wealthy Americans, billions of dollars in tax cuts collectively. In other words, wealthy people, like President Trump, will have more money in their own pocket.

With this bill, insurers can charge Americans a higher rate for having a pre-existing condition, which will cause many people to not be able to afford the healthcare they need. A pre-existing condition now ranges anywhere from cancer to pregnancy. That’s right, pregnancy.

Not only will the wealthy receive a tax cut, but pregnant women will be charged more for bearing a child. As a result, many pregnant women will not be able to afford the healthcare they need.

The GOP healthcare bill will also stop funding for Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood offers services that include preventing unintended pregnancy, Pap tests, breast exams, tests and treatments for sexuality transmitted diseases and more. Americans will not be able to afford healthcare or have access to Planned Parenthood.

The GOP bill obviously has more to offer, but those three articles in the bill are the red flags for any middle-class American.

The GOP bill is the perfect bill for Trump and people like him, a wealthy male who has the ability to take care of himself in wake of a health crisis. He will receive tax cuts. He does not have to worry about any pre-existing conditions, because he doesn’t have any. He also doesn’t have to worry about healthcare for pregnancy, for obvious reasons. Why wouldn’t Trump want the GOP healthcare bill to be passed?

The bill does not help the average American and will not help the US’ healthcare system. It will ruin it.

Higher rates for individuals with pre-existing conditions and tax cuts for the wealthy. This bill isn’t the direction Americans want to see their healthcare system go.

Still, I hold out hope Trump is simply playing a big prank on all of us and will propose a healthcare bill that will “make America great again.”