By Brooke Moody–

When did we become wretched human beings? I thought we were better than banning thousands from entering our country based solely on their origins, and, presumptuously, their religion.

Oh wait, we are. Over 5,000 people gathered in Louisville to rally against President Donald Trump’s immigration ban and show pro-immigration support. Similar demonstrations happened across the country at universities, cultural centers and airports. It seems the majority of Americans do not agree with the executive decision.

Trump and his appointed officials, on the other hand, seem further removed from reality than we thought. His Twitter account tweeted Friday, “When a country is no longer able to say who can, and who cannot, come in & out, especially for reasons of safety & security – big trouble!”

The tweet, in reaction to a federal judge’s block of the immigration ban, reveals Trump doesn’t know or care how most Americans feel.

Filled with outrage, the people spoke and states reacted by legally opposing the ban. Yet, Trump believes his country fears for its safety. There’s no doubt his administration will try to stop the judge’s ruling.

How do Americans stop a man from misrepresenting our values?

To start, contact your representatives. It may not sound as sexy as rallying at the capitol, but our government has a system of checks and balances prohibiting the president from exhibiting complete control. We need to ensure our representatives know how we feel, because Trump doesn’t.

Next, we have to show each other, and the world watching, that we are better than this. Louisville has a large refugee population, and there are amazing organizations supporting the community. By giving money, time and support to organizations like Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Americana Community Center and Catholic Charities of Louisville you can demonstrate your care about the lives of individuals coming to the U.S. for refuge and opportunities.

The people affected by Trump’s ban are vital members of our community. If you are privileged to not be directly affected by the ban, then don’t hesitate to do your part and make sure Trump knows America won’t stand for this. More importantly, support those who are directly affected, because amidst the pain, fear and confusion we need to share compassion, hope and acceptance.

File photo / The Louisville Cardinal