By Briana Williams–

Restaurants have been the hub of date nights for as long as most people can remember. Around Valentine’s Day, though, restaurants become especially packed with couples. This is a nice way to be with your significant other and enjoy good food on the most romantic time of the year, but the restaurant you choose is important.

If you’ve only been dating for a few weeks, going to the Cheesecake Factory may be a bit much. But if you’ve been dating for over a year, you may want to splurge on a romantic evening. Here are some restaurants to take your special someone, based on relationship level.

Level One:

Whether you just started dating or have been dating for less than two months, your first Valentine’s Day should be a little more low key. Consider starting at an on-campus location. If it’s your first date entirely, you may want to just spend an evening at the Ville Grill.

If spending an evening in VG doesn’t sound appealing for a first date, restaurants like McAlister’s, Mark’s Feed Store or the new Panda Express are great on campus options that also allow for people-watching.

Level Two:

The restaurants in Cardinal Towne are the perfect options for these kinds of budding relationships. Level two couples have been together for three to six months and are still learning a lot about each other.

But they’ve grown out of on-campus date nights. Places like Noodles and Company, Qdoba, Mt. Fuji and Griff’s are great options for couples in this stage.

If Cardinal Towne is still a little too close to campus for you, try going to Chipotle or Bandido’s. They’re cheap enough to get a good meal and the relaxed environment removes pressures there may still be on dates.

Level Three:

For couples who’ve been dating for seven to 11 months, you’ve hopefully gotten past all of the awkwardness and know quite a bit about each other.

Date nights for you may include venturing even further away from campus. Cheddar’s, Joe’s Crab Shack, El Mundo, Chuy’s and Feast BBQ are all restaurants that are slightly nicer than those chosen for level one and two. The food is better and most of these restaurants have interesting decor to make for a cool date night.

Level Four:

After you’ve been dating for a year or longer, you may want to splurge on Valentine’s Day. Cheesecake Factory, Butchertown Grocery, 8-Up, the Mayan Cafe and Bistro Le Relais are pricier but offer a more upscale environment that provides the perfect romantic date night.

Or, you could be the type of couple that just goes back to Ville Grill again. No matter where you decide to go, the only thing that really matters on your date night is who you’re with.