By Briana Williams–

Whether Valentine’s Day involves you with your significant other or a group of your best friends, people love watching movies on the heart-filled holiday. Here are a few movies to see in theaters Valentine’s weekend in order from least to most romantic:

“Split” – Is there really a better way to spend Valentine’s than watching a movie about a man with 23 personalities kidnap three girls? There probably is, but this movie is definitely worth seeing if you’re tired of the typical romantic comedy.

“The Lego Batman Movie” – Animated movies are not what most people decide to watch on Valentine’s Day, but this adventure movie could change that. Following Batman and his sidekick Robin, this will be a fun movie that will give you some laughs.

“Rings” – If you’re more of a horror movie fan, the third movie of “The Ring” franchise hit theaters Feb. 3. It’s a classic story of a girl living in a well and all of the horrific things that come with that. If you don’t to go to a typical Valentine’s movie, “Rings” is up your alley.

“A Dog’s Purpose” – This is an interesting movie about a dog that is reincarnated several times throughout fifty years. This film will make you laugh, cry and probably want to adopt a puppy after watching it. Why wouldn’t you want to see it?

“John Wick: Chapter 2” – The highly anticipated sequel to “John Wick” comes out Feb. 10. It follows the action hero’s adventures as he goes on the run after getting a bounty placed on him. With only brief glimpses of romance through flashbacks, it’ll hardly overwhelm audiences with love. But, the film’s action and suspense is sure to thrill everyone who sees it.

“The Space Between Us” – This science fiction and romance film mixes the two genres together perfectly. Following the growing relationship between two teenagers, Gardner and Tulsa. Gardner lives on Mars while Tulsa lives on Earth. The star-crossed lovers face obstacles when they find out Gardner is dying because his body is rejecting Earth’s gravity. This film is a tear-jerker that will serve as a great film for Valentine’s weekend.

“Passengers” – This film, starring Chris Pratt and Louisville’s Jennifer Lawrence, was released on Dec. 21, but is still showing at a few theaters around town. The movie follows the relationship between two passengers on a ship destined to a new planet. The problem: they wake up 90 years too soon.

“La La Land” – The story of a couple who meet and fall in love in Los Angeles, this movie has just the right amount of love and romance without it becoming too much. It’s a feel-good dramedy centered around an aspiring actress, played by Emma Stone, and a struggling pianist, played by Ryan Gosling. If for nothing else, go see the movie just for the sake of looking at Gosling.

“Fifty Shades Darker” – The sequel to the controversial “Fifty Shades of Grey” stars Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele and Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey. The plot involves the couple’s newly rekindled relationship being threatened by a woman from Christian’s past. This movie is adequate for a girl’s night out or romantic date.