January 24, 2017

Van flips and totals near campus

By Kyeland Jackson —

A driver was hospitalized after flipping her van Jan. 24 near campus.

A witness said the driver turned sharply from Cardinal Boulevard onto Second Street, flipping her vehicle. Senior Sarah Kent was walking by when the van flipped.

“I was coming back from the business school, coming back to my apartment, and I just caught a glimpse of it. She just flipped the back of a car too fast, taking a turn, and flipped over,” Kent said. “There were a couple of us (students) walking back towards this area. A couple of us immediately called the police.”

Kent said the driver was moving when they were transported to the hospital in a neck brace.

An officer on the scene refused to comment, and the university had no information to comment at the time of this publication.

“I’ve seen people take the turn pretty fast, and like clip cars and just side swipe them, but never this extreme of flipping them,” Kent said.

Photos by Kyeland Jackson / The Louisville Cardinal

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