By Evan Wright–

As a Republican, Donald Trump was not my first or even second pick in the primary process. I did not envision he was going to get the nomination, let alone the presidency. I thought many of the comments he made during the election cycle would keep him from winning the presidency. However, I cast my ballot for Trump because I tended to agree with his policies much more than I agreed with the policies of his opponent, Hillary Clinton.

President Trump has pledged to “Make America Great Again” and I am proud to have voted for a candidate claiming this pledge. I think Trump, and the team he has assembled, will bring many positive changes to this country. I am hopeful his cabinet, and members of the Republican Congress, will advise, support and assist our new president during these next four years, as I am sure there will be many challenges and obstacles the administration will have to face.

As college students, we are uniquely aware of the economic problems plaguing our nation. Our current policies of hyper-regulation, high corporate taxes and stimulus policies haven’t worked to bring high paying jobs and economic growth to our nation. The U.S. has seen the slowest economic recovery from a recession since 1949.

Trump pledged to lower our taxes and get cumbersome outdated regulations off the books. These policies will make our nation economically competitive and bring renewed economic growth to our nation. Graduates, who once couldn’t even use the degrees they graduated with, burdened with low paying jobs and high college debt, can once again find good paying jobs.

Obamacare has caused health insurance premiums to rise like never before. Trump has promised to repeal the failed policy of Obamacare and replace it with a free-market approach to medicine, while keeping some of the more popular aspects of the law, such as allowing students to stay on the parent’s health insurance plans. The Republican reform will focus on lowering healthcare cost and encouraging more competition in the healthcare industry to increase innovation.

Trump also promised to enforce immigration laws and reward those who come legally. As college students, we understand the need for an even playing field.

People who come to this country should follow our laws and learn our language to benefit themselves and the nation as a whole. I stood in shock at the story of Kate Steinle, murdered two years ago by an illegal immigrant who had been convicted of crimes and deported five times.

He was able to do this because the so-called sanctuary city he lived in refused to cooperate with immigration authorities and would let him out of jail. This situation threatens to undermine our future and our nation, and I am happy Trump has pledged to do something about it. I look toward to his presidency with hope and excitement, for a president who will put America first and make it great again. Those who protested this event are exercising their constitutional rights, however, they should know they’re using their constitutional right to protest one of the greatest events in the world: the peaceful transfer of power between two elected leaders of the free world, an event connecting us with the founders of our great constitutional republic.