By Peyton Schmidt–
Though it feels like this semester has just started, spring break is on the horizon. In two months, college kids will rejoice as they rush out of their classes and into a free week. Spring break is a glorious week of minimal homework, relaxation and adventuring with friends. For many, spring break is a time where students take full advantage of their week off, pile in a car and drive to the nearest beach. If that’s the case for you and your friends, take a look below at the list of essential items you’ll need for your 2017 spring break getaway.
Bathing suit:
Hopefully you already knew to pack this, as it is the most obvious item on the list. Whether you choose to rock a two-piece or a darling one-piece, own it. Wear whatever makes you feel confident and comfortable.
Perhaps another obvious item, but I have to stress how important it is to pack sunscreen. Constantly applying it seems like a lot of work, but you don’t want to spend the majority of your spring break in pain and looking like a lobster.
Sun hat / glasses:
If anyone knows anything about a beach, you know that the majority of the time it’s sunny, hot and bright. Defend yourself from the sun’s scorching rays with a chic pair of sunglasses or a sun hat. You can pack a baseball hat if you’re sporty or a floppy hat if you’re more girly. You can thank me later.
Beach towel:
Without a towel, you can’t dry yourself off or protect yourself from sand. Getting sand all over you (especially while wet) is one of the most uncomfortable feelings in the world. Be smart and pack a towel so you can dry off and lie on it while getting your tan on.
A day-to-night look:
If you’re anything like me, you’re guilty of overpacking. Because spring break is a week long, it can be tempting to want to bring your entire closet. However, the trick is to master the art of day-to-night looks. Essentially, this means wearing an outfit that can be worn both during the day and night due to a few simple changes. For example, I’d pair a sundress with casual shoes and accessories during the day, and for the night I would wear fancier items such as wedges and nice earrings. Not only will this tactic save some extra room in your suitcase but it will also eliminate a huge chunk of time it normally takes you to get ready.
A good book:
There is nothing quite like getting lost in a good book while lounging on the beach. Escape reality and bask in the surrounding environment by packing a good book or two. Not only can you read while on the beach but you can also kill hours of boring travel time. “The Harry Potter” series is obviously a fan-favorite. However, if you’re more into thrillers or romance “Gone Girl” and “Me Before You” are some great choices as well.
Polaroid camera:
Last but not least, be sure to pack a camera. Sure you can take pictures on your iPhone but Polaroid cameras are a fun and authentic way to document the incredible memories you’re making with your friends. Plus, you can print out the pictures and distribute them to your friends for them to save. If you’re feeling really trendy, Urban Outfitters sells adorable pastel colored Polaroid cameras that would be perfect for a spring break trip.