By Madeline Hill–

As the holidays come to a close, students are grudgingly putting away their holiday cheer and getting back into the habit of going to classes on a regular basis. Getting back into the routine of everything can be difficult after so much time away from school. The temporary slump can be overcome with a few tips and tricks.

As a junior, the biggest piece of advice I can give to upperclassmen and underclassmen alike is to get into the habit of writing every assignment coupled with its due date down in an agenda or notebook. Check it every Sunday and throughout the week. Having a list of all of your assignments has proven time and time again to be incredibly useful.

Not writing down assignments is never a good idea because it is inevitable that you’ll forget an assignment at some point. To be a successful college student, one must be organized to a small degree so having an agenda is something I would recommend to every student on campus.

“I would recommend setting an alarm every single day, even if your classes start later in the day. When I was a freshman, I didn’t really take advantage of how much work you can get done during the morning, and I would often wake up around 11:30 a.m. Setting an alarm to wake up a certain time each morning seems like the best thing a student can do to get into the routine of school,” junior Madison Fraser said.

As freshmen, most students are guilty of this – I know I was. As I started having a larger workload and earlier classes, it became essential for me to start setting an alarm because I realized I could get more work done that way. I would also end up feeling better because my sleep schedule became regulated.

“Start getting into the mindset a few nights before class that you are going to have to start waking up early again. You need to be mentally prepared to have new classes and new professors with new expectations. I try to set my schedule according to my new class schedule and work out all the kinks in my daily plans. The first two days are always a shock, but it’ll be fine after that,” senior Tevin Johnson-Campion said.

Getting into the right mindset for the new semester is another great way to prepare newer students who might not be used to the expectations of college classes. Students can do better simply by mentally preparing themselves for the new expectations of classes and finalizing these assignments by writing them down.

With the new semester having already begun, students employing these techniques can look to start the new semester on the right foot.