December 17, 2016

ACC fines U of L $25,000 for Wakeyleaks

By Kyeland Jackson —

The ACC fined U of L and Virgina Tech $25,000 in connection to leaked Wake Forest football plays.

ACC review found U of L, Virginia Tech and Army were involved in leaked Wake Forest game plan information spanning three seasons. U of L suspended co-offensive coordinator Lonnie Galloway from the Citrus Bowl, a move the ACC supported.

The ACC said the fine was the highest allowed by the league’s by-laws and would be applied to a scholarship fund. ACC commissioner John Swofford said he was deeply disturbed by the findings.

I am deeply disturbed something like this would occur, and regardless of the degree of involvement, the protection of the competitive integrity of our games is fundamental to any athletic contest,” Swofford said.

 “Sportsmanship and ethical values are at the core of competitive integrity and in these instances, those were missing. The expectation, regardless of the sport, is that any athletics department staff members would immediately communicate with their supervisor if they are approached by someone from another institution with proprietary information

1 thought on “ACC fines U of L $25,000 for Wakeyleaks

  1. I think that it is interesting that no one has questioned Wake Forest on their behavior in this matter. They apparently found information at the Louisville stadium and immediately read it. We’re they just bored,looking for something to read to kill a little time? No, they were looking to see if anything was left behind that they could use to gain and edge. Can you say “hypocrisy”

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