By Brooke Moody —

A University of Louisville cheerleader is under fire for online comments towards those concerned by Donald Trump’s presidential election.

Brynn Baker is suspended from the team while the university investigates her statements.

On her now-private Twitter account, Baker tweeted, “You all want sympathy so bad lmaooooo stfu about racism, sexism, whateverism. Literally just stfu and find the $ to leave America then.”

After online backlash to her tweet, Baker responded to another Twitter user, “You’re so pressed for nothing lmao. You act like you came off a boat.”

Other Twitter users responded to Baker’s tweets, calling on head spirit coach Todd Sharp to address the matter.

“These conversations over the last day are not an accurate representation of our program, our values or our coaching staff. We are investigating this matter and will take appropriate action upon the completion of such,” Sharp said in a statement to WHAS.

Sharp also indicated one or more athletes possibly involved are being investigated.